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Johnnae mentioned:
<<< Here's a note on a Japanese breakfast from Saveur with a photo  


Thanks. I've wondered what a typical Japanese breakfast might be like.

However, just as interesting in this article to me, was to see the  
modification of the European scrabbled eggs to something more  
comfortable to the Japanese culture. Something similar probably  
happened when the Europeans encountered the New World foods.

"I always found it intriguing to watch my mother prepare her morning  
eggs. She began by breaking them into a bowl with a little sugar and  
shoyu (soy sauce), which she beat together with a pair of chopsticks.  
Next, she poured two tablespoons or so of rice vinegar into a heated  
saucepan and swirled it so that the inside surface of the pan was  
coated with a thin layer of rice vinegar. Then she added the egg  
mixture and cooked it, stirring vigorously with three pairs of  
cooking chopsticks held all together in one hand so that they  
functioned just like a French whisk."

It is also a good example of adapting the tools you have at hand to  
imitate what you've seen elsewhere. Unless you grew up in the  
culture, would it be obvious to add sugar and shoyu to the eggs? It  
wouldn't occur to me. So much for the "In medieval England they had  
chopped beef, buns, cheese and lettuce, so they must have had  
hamburgers. It is such an obvious thing to do." train of thought.

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