[Sca-cooks] More on Martino

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sun May 10 17:29:32 PDT 2009

<< The Faccioli edition has been used in the past because it was one of the
only easily available sources. I have both the hard and soft cover editions.
BUT it should be noted that this is really much more of an Italian
translation than a transcription. >>

I cannot follow you here.

Check the LC manuscript on page 29 and compare the digital version of Faccioli:

Riso con brodo de carne.
Fa' como è ditto del farre. Ma molti sonno che non vogliono
ova col
riso. Sicché in questo rimetteti al gusto del patrone. 

The only changes are the u/v normalizations which are quite common in editing and the addition of some accents.

Why should there be explanatory notes if the text was a translation?

<< Now that the Octavo edition is available
with it's fantastic photographs of the LCMartino (zoom up to 400%! WOW!)
Faccioli becomes less important. >>

True! And since Benporat's work includes the other manuscripts as well.



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