[Sca-cooks] More on Martino

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sun May 10 17:15:47 PDT 2009

<< I am not clear on your quibble on the number. 
How many do you count? >>

I think my concern (not really important, to be sure) was to count single manuscripts and large groups of texts alike.

How would I count. Maybe this way:

In the Martino corpus there are four groups of texts.

First group: The Martino manuscripts (Italian)

1-1 Library of Congress manuscript

1-2 Vatican manuscript


Second group: The Platina corpus (Latin, vernacular translations)
(it includes Martino texts but adds medical information)

Numerous manuscripts and printings. (See Westbury, Milham)

Third group: The epulario corpus (Italian; English)

E.g. Venezia 1518; numerous

Fourth group: hitherto unclassified, disputed or unaccessible manuscripts

<< Would this be interesting to anyone? >>

I have no idea. In one respect the size of the Platina corpus and the Epulario corpus might be important: 

in respect of the question, where and when Martino recipes were in use.

Thanks again.



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