[Sca-cooks] Sorrel

Karstyl karstyl at gmail.com
Wed May 13 12:46:28 PDT 2009

Anne-Marie Rousseau wrote:
> yum!
> I always slice up and steam zuchhini, patty pans, red bell pepper layered with a chiffonade of sorrel. 
> sprinkle with cracked black pepper and sea salt
> alternately, a traditional french potage of sorrel with creme fraische rocks the free world :)

I do have some left over sour cream . . . Not quite the same, but still 

> enjoy your windfall!

I was also thinking of freezing it, I might be doing a fancy French 
feast for forty this fall. If I put it in a vacuum bag and put it in the 
deep freeze it should still be good for a sauce. And I it will be a 
hard-to-find ingredient then. It is just that it looks so yummy, sitting 
here, that I want to cook with it.


> On Wed 09/05/13 12:00 , Karstyl karstyl at gmail.com sent:
>> So, if your co-worker just walked in and placed a very generous 2 
>> handfuls of Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) leaves with you, what would you cook
>> for dinner?
>> -Reyni-Hrefna

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