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Fri May 15 07:32:00 PDT 2009

Antonia wrote: 
> Not at all. We ask people to state any dietary restrictions when 
> booking, so that we can make sure that everyone gets a good, safe, and 
> varied meal. *Very* occasionally, we have to tell someone we just can't 
> cater for them, but a typical solution is to suggest that they attend at 
> half price, eat what they can and bring something extra for themselves.


Here in Atlantia we have been graced with certain Crowns that are very picky eaters.  One King loves hot dogs and Ho-Ho's.  He has been given the special honor of getting the "the mother of all Ho-Ho's" (a giant rolled cake with 'nipples' of Hershey kisses and regular Ho-Ho's suckling), as well as the "king of all Ho-Ho's" (again the giant rolled cake with Bugles for pointy shoes, fruit leather for belt and assorted items for facial features).  He loved them.  Another King loves hamburgers and at his Coronation that I was head cook for he was served a giant perfectly cooked hamburger at feast.  We love picky eaters and will take full advantage of accentuating the oddity.

> I have encountered one or two people who just don't *do* feasts, but in 
> their case, the issue is *extreme* fussy eating-- essentially, no feast 
> menu would make them happy, so they're on their own.
> Oh, gods, that has changed... we're in the grip of the latest trendy 
> food restriction, gluten free-- picking up where lactose intolerance 
> left off, basically. I wish they'd just do us all a favour and decide 
> they were Brussels-sprout intolerant or pheasant-intolerant or something 
> else that's nicely non-disruptive.
> -- 
> Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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