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If you are talking about actual tea, you need either China or Japan.   
wasn't introduced into Europe until the 17th Century.

There is, however, a 15th Century Flemish drawing of a ladies' feast  
trenchers being prepared and served at the table.  A copy of the  
print was
appended to an article on trenchers that I placed with Stefan for the
Florilegium, but I don't know if the print made it into the Florlegium.


Uh oh. There are in fact two illustrations in my master copy which  
show what appear to be lady's feasts. The one Bear described and a  
second one. The second one is also 15th Century but from Nuremburg.  
Unfortunately, the pictures didn't seem to make it to the web  
version. I thought I only had problem with one and put off fixing it  
till later. Let me see what I can do.

If you download the Word formatted version the pictures should be in  

I had not noticed this until Bear mentioned it, but *all* of the  
feasters in these two pictures appear to be women. I hadn't realized  
that that was done.

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