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rattkitten rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Sun May 24 18:40:11 PDT 2009

This reminds me of the glorious discovery we found that occurs in 
Atlanta on Labor Day Weekends... Turns out that DragonCon (Sci Fi 
Convention) runs at exactly the same time that "Midtown Restaurant Week" 
runs in Atlanta.... So far the past 2-3 years at this Convention that 
most people eat at McDonald's for we have been eating at some 4-5 star 
restaurants... Funniest thing is is that by doing this we have actually 
been saving about $150.00 for that weekend because the fixed price menus 
are $50.00 per person. And we had in the past racked up some hellacious 
dinner bills.  (ok for us... $200.00 for dinner for 2) ((Now yes I know 
that that is a moderate amount for some but it was the most we had 
spent))  BTW if you do live in Atlanta.... I do recommend hitting any of 
those weeks... I think that there are 3, Downtown, Midtown. and Uptown.  
(I could be wrong on that though... I am 100% sure that there is at 
least 2...) Sounds like the Gladys Knight's restaurant was a success for 
you do you remember the name of it and just how far is it from the Hyatt 
International on Peachtree St?   Better still what is the rest of the 
menu?  Was it basically what we call down here "Soul Food"?  If so I 
could pass on it although it would be cool to say that I had been to her 
restaurant.... It isn't that I  dislike "Soul Food" it is simply that I 
can either cook it myself or hit one of our restaurants here locally... 
just wondering. 
Sorry I guess that I am Rambling Guy Tonight...

Christiane wrote:
> When I was down at BIO 2009 in Atlanta last week, a friend and I took the chance to jump in a cab and make a run over to Gladys Knight's restaurant by Emory Hospital to have chicken and waffles. Four giant fried chicken wings and a big waffle. We both got collard greens on the side. The verdict: Yum! Yes, the combo was unusual, but it worked. And the quality was great.
> It was also a pleasure to have real collard greens with hot sauce and cornbread.

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