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Tue May 26 14:43:23 PDT 2009

It's called Gladys' and Ron's Chicken and Waffles.

On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 9:40 PM, rattkitten <rattkitten at bellsouth.net>wrote:

> This reminds me of the glorious discovery we found that occurs in Atlanta
> on Labor Day Weekends... Turns out that DragonCon (Sci Fi Convention) runs
> at exactly the same time that "Midtown Restaurant Week" runs in Atlanta....
> So far the past 2-3 years at this Convention that most people eat at
> McDonald's for we have been eating at some 4-5 star restaurants... Funniest
> thing is is that by doing this we have actually been saving about $150.00
> for that weekend because the fixed price menus are $50.00 per person. And we
> had in the past racked up some hellacious dinner bills.  (ok for us...
> $200.00 for dinner for 2) ((Now yes I know that that is a moderate amount
> for some but it was the most we had spent))  BTW if you do live in
> Atlanta.... I do recommend hitting any of those weeks... I think that there
> are 3, Downtown, Midtown. and Uptown.  (I could be wrong on that though... I
> am 100% sure that there is at least 2...) Sounds like the Gladys Knight's
> restaurant was a success for you do you remember the name of it and just how
> far is it from the Hyatt International on Peachtree St?   Better still what
> is the rest of the menu?  Was it basically what we call down here "Soul
> Food"?  If so I could pass on it although it would be cool to say that I had
> been to her restaurant.... It isn't that I  dislike "Soul Food" it is simply
> that I can either cook it myself or hit one of our restaurants here
> locally... just wondering. Sorry I guess that I am Rambling Guy Tonight...
> Nichola
> Christiane wrote:
>> When I was down at BIO 2009 in Atlanta last week, a friend and I took the
>> chance to jump in a cab and make a run over to Gladys Knight's restaurant by
>> Emory Hospital to have chicken and waffles. Four giant fried chicken wings
>> and a big waffle. We both got collard greens on the side. The verdict: Yum!
>> Yes, the combo was unusual, but it worked. And the quality was great.
>> It was also a pleasure to have real collard greens with hot sauce and
>> cornbread.
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