[Sca-cooks] Bread Question from someone not on this list

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Fri May 29 14:32:53 PDT 2009

At 320 degrees F, we're talking about one of the electric smokers.  The 
propane version is good only to 250 degrees.  Smoking is not an issue 
because that is done by adding "flavor bisquettes."  With insulating 
blankets and electronic control, the temperature should be more even than 
that of a camp oven.  It is also low enough that a digital probe thermometer 
can be used to measure chamber temperature.

>From what you say, she's thinking about packing the four or six racks with 
little tins.  If she does it, I would expect to see the bread closest to the 
heat source overbaked, the bread on the top rack about what one wants and 
the bread in the middle underbaked.  When you pack the bread into a small 
space, there is a tendency to develop cold spots in the baking chamber.  I 
would use a middle rack (maybe two) and prepare a couple of one pound 

I'm also willing to bet that is she bakes those loaves for three hours as 
you seem to suggest, she'll have some fine cereal bricks.

Baking in this environment is sure to be a little tricky, so running some 
tests to see what works will be necessary.


> It seems she has a Bradley smoker, with insulating heating blankets?  The
> idea was to put many small loaves in tins in the smoker at about 3 in the
> morning, and have hot fresh bread for breakfast at 6.
> I would wonder about the "smoker".  Smoked brisket yes, bread, not so 
> much.
> I have done biscuits in my little oven on the wood stove before, but never
> bread because the temperature is pretty unpredictable over an hour.  My
> other half is looking into building a beehive when next we camp.
> Aldyth

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