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Fri Nov 13 11:18:32 PST 2009

I have had good success with candying pumelo peels, you have to boil and
discard the water a few times and then do the candying.


> Truth be told the fruits will vary from time to time depending on the
> sweetness or sourness of the original fruits. Peels vary too depending
> on
> if you cut all the pith away or leave some and if or how many times
> you boil or rinse the peels before candying. You can candy almost all
> the citrus fruits except pomelo peels are nasty. If you are doing
> citron, get a regular citron and not a Buddhist Hand. I thought
> candying the fruits of the blood oranges were among the most
> attractive, especially if you have a variety of colors that range from
> pale to deep ruby red. Just depends on what is in the market and at
> what price. Candying ginger would be another option.
> Check out the recipes in Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery also and
> Hess's comments.
> Johnnae
> (been there and candied most of it)
> On Nov 12, 2009, at 6:17 PM, Pixel, Goddess and Queen wrote:
>> So our 12th Night this year is an Elizabethan theme. We have a
>> number of people coming in from out of town (and staying with us)
>> and I thought I'd be nice and provide lunch for all of us instead of
>> relying on the site lunch or going out. And, being me, ideally I
>> would like it to be documentable. So I am going to make candied
>> lemon and orange peels (and a bunch of other stuff, and an A&S entry).
>> My questions (after perusing carefully the relevant bits of the
>> Flori-thingy) are: can one use Clementines (yes, I know they aren't
>> period) or is the peel too thin? I was thinking that I might
>> experiment with making preserved oranges with them. Also, can one do
>> the same thing with lemons successfully?
>> Many thanks, Margaret FitzWilliam
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