[Sca-cooks] dumplings (was April cooking symposium)

Mark S. Harris marksharris at austin.rr.com
Thu Nov 19 16:00:05 PST 2009

Gwyneth mentioned:
<<< The spring symposium has had an average attendance of about 75  
or so. It's a great little event, with classes being taught by a lot
of cooks in the Oaken (Ohio/Kentucky region). There's an awesome
potluck too! :) I had fun teaching a hands-on dumpling making class -
meat wrapped in starch and boiled/fried/steamed.... it's a dumpling.
We made hattes, empanadas, and potstickers. >>>

dumplings are one of those things which seem to have a number of  
definitions and types. I've heard both blobs of dough cooked in broth  
called dumplings and sheets or blobs of dough encasing something like  
a meat be called a dumpling.

There is this file in the FOOD section of the Florilegium:
dumplings-msg     (68K)  1/20/08  Period dumplings. Spetzle. Recipes.

But I also have this one:
pierogies-msg     (12K)  8/ 2/01    Stuffed dumplings/pies from  
Eastern Europe.

If you have any comments to add to these files or if you have or would  
be interested in writing a file on dumplings, I'd love to have it for  
the Florilegium.

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