[Sca-cooks] History -- pecan pie recipe

lilinah at earthlink.net lilinah at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 19 19:04:15 PST 2009

When i make Huette's recipe, which is THICK with pecans, in an 
ordinary 8" or 9" pie shell, i get at least 12 slices. An 8th of that 
pie is so dense with rich meaty nuts, it can be hard to eat after a 

Those standard syrupy sugary versions - lots of goo with a thin 
dusting of nuts... i can't eat a slice, i just pick the nuts off the 
top, eat the top of the back of the crust where it has been crimped 
(i like pie crust), and shove the rest away.
Someone sometimes called Urtatim

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