[Sca-cooks] Flourless chocolate cake, was History -- pecan pie recipe

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Thu Nov 19 19:32:48 PST 2009

>  Like wise with those decadent chocolate cakes that are gluten-free, and I
>  know there must be a real name for these other than gluten-free, they are
>  made with melted dark chocolate and egg yolks and cream - anyone? anyone?
>  Beuller? They are fudgy and rich and a 6 inch round cake feeds 6-8.

Well, sometimes i see them as flourless chocolate cakes. My mother 
made one in a jelly roll pan, dusted it with powdered sugar, then 
spread homemade whipped cream on it and rolled it up, then covered 
the outside with a wonderful homemade dark fudgey chocolate icing. 
This was only for holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas... I've found 
recipes just like it on Jewish cooking websites.

I believe, however, that it is typically Mittl European - you know, 

My local absolutely fabulous pastry shop, Crixa, calls theirs "Pave' 
Vergiate". A reviewer wrote of Crixa's:
>It's a kind of airy brownie served in big slabs, a stiffened foam of 
>chocolate, butter, eggs and sugar that collapses like a sigh in your 
>mouth, neither overly rich nor gooey nor dank the way flourless 
>chocolate cakes always are.

The pastry chef is of Russian descent, and her husband is of 
Hungarian. She wrote on the Crixa website:
>Our goal was to provide high quality old world Hungarian, Russian, 
>Central European, and American desserts to the San Francisco Bay 
>Area region

She also make saffron buns, Fatima's thighs ("Tender, flaky pastry 
filled with almonds, currants, rose and orange-blossom water."), and 
a variety of items from historical cookbooks, AND she candies her own 
citrus peels for certain things.

They also make a fabulous two-layer flourless cake of ground walnuts 
and poppy seeds, and fill between the layers with raspberry jam. 
Mmm-mmm-mmm. It's Hungarian (Ma'kos Dio's Torta), but i don't have a 
recipe for that :-(
Someone sometimes called Urtatim

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