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Are Quaker Oats cut with steel or some other fashion? When looking for gluten free oats there are a lot of steel cut oats. From what I understand is that oats themselves are gluten free, however in the processing wheat grain gets mixed in with the oats. Was wondering if the steel cut is a cleaner cut then rolled? 
In recent years Quaker Oats have made an effort to keep their oats gluten free. For now I know that Bob's Red Hill Mill is the only 100% gluten free.
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> What is the difference between Rolled Irish Oats and American Oats then? Or is there a difference?
> Aelina

Ah, the vagaries of the Internet!  I haven't received Johanna's Quaker Oats post yet, except as included here!

Anyway... I went a-googlin' and from what I found in about 5 minutes, there's probably not a significant difference between Irish rolled oats (or "Irish flaked oats" as the McCann's page calls them) and American Quaker-style rolled oats.

The term "Irish oats" appears to be steel cut oats, from Irish-grown oats.  The McCann's blurb says Counties Meath & Kildare, humid conditions and clean water make for "fuller, plumper grains".

And there's "Scottish Oats are steamed steel-cut oats that are then ground by stones into an oat meal." (Wiki)

And the definition of "steel cut", which is pretty familiar, eh?: "whole grain groats (the inner portion of the oat kernel) which have been cut into only two or three pieces by steel rather than being rolled." (Wiki)

"Oatmeal" can cover a lot of ground, from fine-ground groats to rolled, to steel-cut.  See the Wiki article.

Hope this helps, rather than just add confusion! 8-)

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