[Sca-cooks] Pounds to ounce, Italian measurements

Raphaella DiContini raphaellad at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 11 16:01:06 PST 2010

There had been some mention previously of units of measure and how they might differ from our current standards. I'm looking to do another run through of that recipe from Libro di cucina and want to make the first test batch one 1/4 the original for twelve people.
My question is if the ratios of the historical Italian measurements are equivalent to the modern ones or do I need a adjust and if there is a good list of historical Italian weight measurements. 

My break down of the ingredients as originally listed is: 
2 lb almond
1 lb Amido / starch
1/2 lb sugar
1/2 lb peeled pine nuts
2 oz cloves

My extrapolation of 1/4 recipe: 
1/2 lb= 8 oz Almond
1/4 lb= 4 oz Amido / starch
1/8 lb= 2 oz Sugar
1/8 lb= 2 oz Pine nuts, peeled
1/2 oz cloves 

In joyous service, 


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