[Sca-cooks] Differences -measures and names

lilinah at earthlink.net lilinah at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 12 12:28:18 PST 2010

Arianwen ferch Arthur <caer_mab at yahoo.com> wrote:
>and also SIGH please trim!? sometimes (most times?) I get confused 
>because there are 4 or more other messages embedded in the reply so 
>I lose who is talking...

Hear! Hear!

I think i'm not losing track. But plowing through top posting without 
editing is a darned nuisance, especially when i see one or two words 
top posted over 5 or more old messages.

Certain people do this consistently. I've written to some of them off 
list, and they've variously claimed they can't or they don't need to, 
or they have expressed some surprise that it is happening. I guess 
they don't read the messages they've posted.

Even with webmail, such as gmail etc. trimming *can* be done, and it 
really doesn't take all that long. Mostly it just needs the will and 
the courtesy to do it.

Someone sometimes called Urtatim
who has been cranky about top posting without editing for over a 
decade, and now it is getting more and more common

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