[Sca-cooks] First Recipe from Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco, in parts

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Here's an interesting little article about the history of celiac disease 
from the University of Chicago 
http://www.celiacdisease.net/assets/pdf/SU07CeliacCtr.News.pdf .  The banana 
diet is a treatment developed in the 1920's.


> It must have been known in the U.S. in the forties as well, since my 
> sister, who was born in 1943, suffered from it as an infant. By the 
> account I heard, bananas were pretty much all she could eat. Due to 
> wartime price control and related problems, they were not readily 
> available, so my father spent a lot of time at the docks looking for 
> people with bananas they were willing to sell him.
>>A possible reason for the increase is the FDA and AMA finally recognizing 
>>celiac disease when Europe has known about it since the 1940s and earlier. 
>>I remember clearly the annoucement being read out loud in 2003 that FDA 
>>acknowledge celiac disease. This annoucement was made at a celiac disease 
>>conference in LA!
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>>Margaret Rendell wrote:
>>>  I also really should have added that it's much easier now to find maize 
>>> flour than it used to be even a small number of years ago. What is it 
>>> with the sudden explosion in 'gluten-free' products?
>>Well, there are some people out there with coeliac disease (you knew
>>that, of course), and I think they may be getting diagnosed more
>>efficiently than they did years ago. But "gluten sensitive" is also the
>>latest fad for people with vaguely discontented tummies and a yen for
>>self-diagnosis.  Ten years ago, they were all lactose-intolerant.
>>Antonia di Benedetto Calvo
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