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> (For an example- I'm currently doing a lot of research on the
> Carolinginan Franks. And came across this:
> http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/800Asnapium.html - it even  
> tells you
> what pots are in the kitchen! Very useful stuff!)
> 'Lainie

There is also a copy of this out in the Florilegium.  I copied the  
text of
the inventory of Asnapium and the Capitulare de Villis when I first
encountered them about ten years ago in a sourcebook published in  
1902.  The
Latin text of Capitulare de Villis can also be found on the web and it  
quite useful when arguing about 9th Century foodstuffs available in
Carolinginan France.


This file may be the one that Bear is speaking of. In the INFO-SOURCES  
Inven-Charle-man  (12K)  7/30/98    Inventory of Charlemange’s estates.


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