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Also in order to get a good fruit on the grapes you are using for wine you
should prune a percentage of the grapes half way through the growing season.
Hence a ton of sour grapes! And the perfect product to make from them?
Who prefers to use the Italian rather than the French term.

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> I have my idea of what verajuice is but I would like to hear all of your
> take on it? Why do you think it is used so prominently in cooking?
> Aelina the Saami 
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> Because it's really yummy?
> I love verjuice - at least verjuice made from grapes. I don't know why you'd
> bother with the stuff made from crab apples unless you can't get grape
> verjuice and wish you could :-P
> Actually, I suspect they made verjuice for the same reason I made it this
> year (or tried to anyway, it was a bit of a catastrophe). Which is 'what am
> I going to do with all these grapes?'. I had 14kg of grapes off my (2) vines
> this year, thanks to a wet winter (good for the grapes, not so good for the
> cherries). You do tend to see more verjuice used, I think, in France, Spain
> and Italy where they grew wine grapes, than in England, where grapes grew in
> the early mediaeval warm period, but not so much since then.
> Angharad
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