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Hey Bear,Joann and Elise
Could you repost the fist part of your discussion on verjuice. What it is vs lemon juice. I some how lost it off the blackberry. 
If I am understanding correctly, verjuice is primarily green grapes or crabapples juiced to make a bitter liquid? This was different from vinegar? Was verjuice used as a flavoring or preservative?
As Thorvald mentioned gooseberry and sorrel is used for bitter flavoring. Are we talking about Viking food? The Saami aka Laplanders use sorrel and angelica as flavoring and as a preservative for reindeer milk. But this wouldn't be considered verjuice? 
Aelina the Saami 
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There is disagreement as to whether lemons arrived in the Mediterranean
Basin in the 1st Century or the 10th, but lemons did get there by some point
in the Middle Ages.  They would have been rare outside of the Mediterranean
countries and were likely expensive even there.  Simply put, verjuice was
more readily available.

If you look in Martino, there are recipes that use verjuice, lemon juice, or
bitter orange juice interchangably

In modern times, lemons have become more readily available and cheaper than
extrracting verjuice.


> Why do you think verjuice has been replaced by lemon juice? Lemons are
> what time period?
> Aelina the Saami

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