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> If I am understanding correctly, verjuice is primarily green grapes or crabapples juiced to make a bitter liquid?

More sour/tangy than bitter. Also made from green wheat, I STR.

> This was different from vinegar?

Yes, the flavor profile is different. Verjuice is mostly acids present in the source fruit/vegetable product, more pronounced in the comparative absence of sugars.

Vinegar is made through a bacterial conversion of sugars and alcohol in wine to acetic acid. Both products have a sour flavor, but one is stuff like ascorbic and citric acid plus a little sugar, just not enough to ferment or taste sweet, while the other is acetic acid, maybe some lactic acid on the side, and water, and less sugar.

> Was verjuice used as a flavoring or preservative?

Primarily as a flavoring and as a food additive used for essentially medicinal purposes.

> As Thorvald mentioned gooseberry and sorrel is used for bitter flavoring. Are we talking about Viking food?

I'm not sure about gooseberries, but sorrel has ascorbic and, I believe, oxalic acid. It acts as a flavoring and color additive to verjuice (see le Menagier). It can also be used on its own for its tangy flavor (hence the country name, sourgrass).

> The Saami aka Laplanders use sorrel and angelica as flavoring and as a preservative for reindeer milk. But this wouldn't be considered verjuice? 

The trouble is that verjuice is normally a stock ingredient prepared in quantity, made for bottling or storing in casks. I'm not sure if that can easily be done with straight sorrel juice without much, and rapid, deterioration.


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