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>Could you repost the fist part of your discussion on verjuice. What it is vs lemon >juice. I some how lost it off the blackberry. 

You can go to the archives by following the links at the bottom of this message.

> If I am understanding correctly, verjuice is primarily green grapes or crabapples juiced to make a bitter liquid? This was different from vinegar? Was verjuice used as a flavoring or preservative?

Not bitter.  Sour.  It's usually a flavouring, but I do have a 16th or 
17th century recipe for cucumbers pickled in salt and verjuice.

Vinegar is produced by letting bacteria (acetobacter) ferment wine, 
cider, or beer.

> As Thorvald mentioned gooseberry and sorrel is used for bitter flavoring. Are we talking about Viking food? The Saami aka Laplanders use sorrel and angelica as flavoring and as a preservative for reindeer milk. But this wouldn't be considered verjuice? 

Not bitter  Sour.  Sorrel was used as a verjuice source in France, 
IIRC.  There's not really much known about the specifics of Viking 
cooking, and I personally know almost exactly nil about modern Sami cooking.

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