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Did some checking, Old Orchard, which I drank until Publix stopped stocking, 
gets concentrate from Turkey and the middle east.  Pomwonderful grows their 
own in California and presses it themselves.  They do not use foreign 
concentrates and are apparently committed to controlling all aspects from 
"tree to bottle".  Didn't think about heat treating in the process of making 
molasses and how it would change the finished product.  I really should 
have.  Publix is locally ordering Old Orchard for me.  Now I'm thinking that 
I might switch to Pomwonderful even at the price.  Side note after drinking 
8 ounces every evening I find that mixing it with either white rum or gin 
improves the taste substantially.


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> It would seem to me that some of the benefits of fresh pom juice will be
> disturbed by the cooking of the juice down to a molasses constituency. Pom
> Molasses is YUMMY but not at all the same as fresh juice.
> Eduardo
> On 2/23/10 6:19 AM, "Mairi Ceilidh" <jjterlouw at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> I use it all the time for a variety of things, including making drinks.
>> Play with it.  I think you'll like it.
>> Were you in hearing Saturday when I was talking about the pomegranate 
>> seeder
>> I have ordered?  I'll let you know how it works.  If I like it, I may do 
>> a
>> bulk order and have some available for sale at cost.  I'll keep you 
>> posted
>> if you're interested.
>> Mairi Ceilidh
>> (P.S.  I got the link.  I WANT that boar.  Thank you.)
>> Does anyone have any experience with Pomegranate Molasses?  I drink
>> pomegranate juice for a medical condition and the store that stocks the
>> cheapest has discontinued the line.  The alternatives "Pomwonderful" and
>> some brands stocked on the health food/organic section and at my local
>> alternative market/health food/organic food store are rather more 
>> expensive.
>> I read the label on the bottle of pomegranate molasses I found at an 
>> Indian
>> import store and it appeared to be just concentrated pomegranate juice. 
>> I
>> figured I would cut it with water.  Thus my question.
>> Daniel
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