[Sca-cooks] Festa di Michelangelo Dayboard and Feast Menus

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Feb 23 16:13:00 PST 2010

Came across this description on another list and thought people
might like it.



I wanted to share the menus for the dayboard and feast for Festa di
Michelangelo to be held on March 6.

Remember that you must have your feast reservations in by March 1st
(that's Council night BTW) to get on board for the feast.

The day board will be as follows:

Chicken breast with garlic sauce
Sliced ham with mustard
A selection of savory cheese, mushroom, onion, garlic and fish pies
Cheese board
Bread with honey, herb and plain butter
Hard cooked eggs
A selection of fresh fruit including grapes, apples and clementines

The feast will be two courses of Italian and Italian influenced
dishes. A list of ingredients is available upon request and will be
available at the event.

The feast will be as follows:

Pickled pre-set of caper berries, pickled onions, olives, pickled
beets, a sallet of pickled herring, nuts, bread and plain butter

First Course
Braised beef with mustards of Cremona, Padua and Lombardy and a Papal
sauce (beef braised with spices, with sweet/hot mustards and a
carrot/ginger sauce served on the side)
Coleworts in the manner of Rome (kale and collard greens fried in  
olive oil)
Fried dish of chickpeas, sage, onions and figs
A chopped dish of leeks and bacon
Sallet of carrots with shrimps

Intermezzo of an egg and bread pudding

Second Course
Hash of beef and spinach with capers
Mushrooms fried with garlic
Pies of turkey with a plum sauce
Pies of parsnips (naturally sweet and yummy! has a consistancy rather
like a pumpkin pie)
Sallet of all kind of hearbes (spring greens with lemon slices and  
Blanche pourre of rice (rice, cream, and almond syrup)

Banqueting course of red cream with berries (cream, raspberries and
strawberries), quince paste suckets, apricot paste suckets, flaky
pasties, nuts, dried fruits, candied ginger

I hope it is to your liking!



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