[Sca-cooks] Posting Menu- Trimaris Spring Coronation

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Thu Feb 25 17:47:18 PST 2010


I fully realize that frying the taro in olive oil was not the traditional Roman way of preparing them, at least not as reflected in this  manuscript.

My "inspiration" for this dish is Recipe #322 in the Vehling translation (1936 edition)

In Colocasio

"For the colocasium use pepper, cumin, rue, honey, or broth, and a little oil, when done bind with roux Colocasium is the root of the Egyptian Bean which is used exclusively."

I chose to separate this recipe into two components: the taro root itself and the sauce, which I'm serving on the side for dipping. 

What's the best way to get people to try a vegetable they've never heard of before? Either cook it with bacon or deep-fry it. I chose to deep fry it. This feast is already pushing the boundaries of "weird" for a Crown that is not very adventurous, and if deep-frying a vegetable instead of steaming it is going to get people to step outside of their comfort zones and something new with the flavors of the authentic dish? I'll choose the less authentic manner of preparation. Would I enter it in ArtSci? Nope.


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