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Daniel asked:

<<< Baked blackberry and elderberry pies

Can anyone suggest a suitable recipe/recipe source. >>>

 From this file in the FOOD section of the Florilegium:
cook-flowers-msg  (90K) 12/ 1/06  Cooking with flowers. Medieval  
flower dishes

I don't think any of these are English, but it's a start.

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Subject: SC - Help finding an Elderflower Tart Recipe

<< Does anyone know where I can find an Elderflower Tart Recipe?? >>

- -- Anonimo Veneziano
    #99 torta (additional #27: fritelle, #71, #72 sambugado)

- -- Cuoco Napoletano
    #135 torta (additional #173: fritelle)

    Scully mentions a further recipe in:
- -- Forme of Cury #179

- -- Maestro Martino
    + Riva del Garda #148 torta, additional #184, #192 fritelle
    + Urb.Lat has recipes for torta, minestra and fritelle

- -- Platina VIII 32 Torta Sambucea (Elderberry Pie; "...elder flowers")

- -- Not a tart, but an interesting recipe in Rumpolt: Take the
elderflowers on the stalk (?), wash them and put them into a hot, sweet
dough, then cook them in hot fat and put sugar onto it (the German text
is online in the 'Gebackenes'-chapter of Rumpolt; #13). I heard that
this is still made in Bohemia today.

There are many recipes for _Holdermus_ in the German corpus, e.g. #38 in
the Sabina Welserin cookbook, to mention a recipe, where you have not
only the original, but also a translation online. -- There is a recipe
for elderflower honey in the cookbook of Goethe's grandmother from 1724
"Holler Honig zu machen" ... but I begin to digress.


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