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Antonia di Benedetto Calvo dama.antonia at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 12:25:25 PST 2010

Suey wrote:
> It seems to me that I have two bones to pick with Wikipedia. When a 
> friend gave me a panel of copies of the entrance of a Middle Eastern 
> emperor into Florence as a guest of Lorenzo Medici, the originals 
> being in the Medici chapel there, I looked up the history of this 
> mural in Wikipedia. Count Trebi, from Venice, is our neighbor. He is 
> the retired Chair of the Art History Department at the Catholic 
> University in Santiago, Chile. I gave him a copy the article. He said 
> there were many mistakes. I asked him to correct them which as of to 
> date he has not done. At 80+ he is still lecturing none stop. At that 
> time there was a space where one could do that in Wikipedia. Now I do 
> not find that window.

I can't find the article you're talking about without a URL, so I can't 
tell you whether editing has been restricted.

> I agree with Bear that "common wheat" is to vague. Emmer is more 
> logical.  Bojal wheat has me upset because the author does not 
> footnote his statement. I do not where he got that from. Nor do I know 
> who the author is.

Go to the article and click on 'Historial' and you'll see who has been 
working on the article and look at and compare older versions.  In this 
case, it was almost completely written by one editor, so once you 
identify him, just click on the "discusión" link next to the name and 
then "editar" to add to the discussion.

You might want to get a Wikipedia account so that you have your own 
discussion page.

> When I come back I hope one of you will be so kind as to have found 
> information for me so I can write to Wikipedia to correct the Medici 
> article and that somehow we can contact someone to find out where the 
> "bojal" source comes from and what it means.

I think you're misunserstanding Wikipedia.  If you want an article 
corrected, you will need to correct it yourself-- there's no-one to 
"write to" with requests.

I still think the most obvious explanation for 'trigo bojal' is an 
accidental compounding of 'blat bojal' with 'trigo'.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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