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You're right, Urtatim; I should have been more specific, and specified "New World" foods.  


It's not a hardship, per se, but many people do like their tomatoes, white potatoes, and corn on the cob.  (I'm among them, and corn is just coming into seasn during Pennsic, so I can certainly see their point.)  And the last time I was at Pennsic, I really enjoyed the Ambulance Corps' pepperoni rolls, so I'm not without sin here, either.


My own meal plan (should I ever have one for a two-week event), would be more "Medievaloid" than fully Medieval, though I would steer away from Western Hemisphere foods.



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> Brekke wrote:
> >Pennsic is now a two-week event, to all intents and purposes; that's 
> >a long time do do without modern foods, although I know many people 
> >do it for the entire time they're there.
> I infer that you are implying this is a hardship, but I fail to grasp 
> how that can be.
> I spent a month in Japan in 1972 where i ate modern food, but it was 
> all Japanese. I lived in Indonesia for several years in the late 
> 1970s where i ate modern food, but it was all Indonesian. I spent a 
> month in Morocco (Dec 2000 - Jan 2001) where i ate modern food, but 
> it was all Moroccan.
> I eat modern food most of the year at home, too: mostly Indian, Thai, 
> Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese. So, what do you mean 
> by "modern food"?
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