[Sca-cooks] irons for browning food

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Sat Jul 24 05:35:22 PDT 2010

For 18th century cooking, we used what we called a salamander, a flat piece of metal (on a long metal handle) that we heated in the fire and then held over the item to be browned.  Very tricky to get the metal close enough to brown without touching the food, and it tended to cool off fairly quickly so to do anything in quantity was very time-consuming.

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> Subject: [Sca-cooks] irons for browning food
> Katherine said:
> <<< Last weekend at a garage sale I found an iron
> designed for burning the sugar on creme brulee.  Should be perfect to
> experiment with! >>>
> Oooh. Neat. What does this iron look like?
> There are some period recipes that talk about browning the top of dishes, usually cheese ones I believe, with something like this. It would be nice to see this done more.

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