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Katherine commented:
<<< Since I tend to learn things by looking a pictures, my visual brain is prompting me to work on ...>>>

one of the two recipes in the medieval corpus which contains pictures.  The one in mind is this one 
"in Hieatt and Butler's1985 edition of Curye on
Inglysch, so that you may make your own opinion. (th) as usual, indicates
the letter "thorn".

A mete (th)at is icleped cuskynoles. Make a past tempred wi(th) ayren, &
so(th)(th)en nim peoren & applen, figes & reysins, alemaundes & dates; bet
am togedere & do god poudre of gode speces wi(th)innen. & in leynten make
(th)i past wi(th) milke of alemaundes, & rolle (th)i past on a bord, &
so(th)(th)en hew hit on moni perties, & vche an pertie beo of (th)e
leyn(th)e of a paume & an half & of (th)reo vyngres of brede. & smeor (th)y
past al of one dole, & so(th)(th)en do (th)i fassure wi(th)innen. | Vchan
kake is portiooun. & so(th)(th)en veld togedere o(th)e 3eolue manere, ase
(th)eos fugurre is imad:

|  .   |   .   |   .  |   .  |   .   |
|  .   |   .   |   .  |   .  |   .   |
|  .   |   .   |   .  |   .  |   .   |

& so(th)(th) boille in veir water, & so(th)(th) en rost on an greudil: &
so(th)(th)en adresse."

You may have to get a copy of this book to see the actual diagram. 

Anyway, this simple recipe, that even has a diagram!, seems to have caused a difference of opinion on this list. Particularly between the two august members Master Adamantius and Master Cariadoc.

So, we'd like to hear your opinion. Perhaps it will break the impasse.

I would suggest considering the recipe on your own, first. Then looking at this file which is a *very* condensed version of a fairly long conversation upon this list some time back.

cuskynoles-msg (46K) 3/30/08 A medieval fruit-filled pasta dish.

If someone can send me a jpeg of the diagram, I'd love to add it to this Florilegium file.

IMHO, this is much more interesting than another twinkies thread...
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