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I just made the "butter fat of almonds" from the Anon. Venetian manuscript I've been working on blogging my way through. Here's the entry with step by step details on it, and lots of pictures: 

The recipe before it that is currently on hold is a butter made of fresh cheese where you essentially make cheese then break down the milk fats to reconstitute them as "butter". It dosen't seem to specify what type of milk to use, so I'm going attempt to try at least both milk and goat as my friend Alienora makes amazing cheese and has a working produce and goat dairy farm.

X.  Butiro de chaxi freschi, etc.
Se tu voy fare butiro de casi freschi per fare alchuna cossa, toy VI casi freschi apestati al piú che tu poy, e quando eno ben pestati e destemperati con aqua freda chiara, el grasso tornarà disopra; toilo e ponilo sul tagliero, e poylo dare con quela vivanda che tu vole, e in torta che tu vole e starà bene. 
X. Butter of fresh cheese, etc. 
If you want to make butter of fresh cheese to make other things, take 6 fresh cheeses and mash them the most that you can, and when they are well mashed temper with clear cold water.  The fat comes to the top, take and prick with with a knife, and then put it with what dish you want, and in tarts if you want it is good.

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> > Do we see "sheep" or "goat" butter called out in some
> medieval recipes?
> I haven't come across either in medieval English or French
> sources, but
> I have seen recipes for "almond butter" to be served on
> meatless days.
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