[Sca-cooks] Siege Cooking at Battlemoor

Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Thu Jun 3 09:02:51 PDT 2010

There will be siege cooking at Battlemoor this year! 
 Battlemoor takes place June 30 through July 5 in the 
Outlands.  You can get more information on the event at 
www.battlemoor.org  Please feel free to send this post to 
others who may be interested.

Siege cooking will take place on Friday, July 2, starting 
at 8:30.  The emphasis will be on fun and food this year, 
so we will be doing things a bit differently than 
competitions in the past.  First, you will know your 
scenario ahead of time.  Second, you do not have to worry 
about bringing ‘ambiance’ and decorations.  Third, the 
team captain will get a list of major ingredients (albeit 
in a vague manner) one week before the event.  On the day 
of the competition, you will get some surprise ingredients 
as well, just to keep you on your toes.

Please register with Mistress Cailte (karobert at unm.edu) if 
you would like to mount a team.  There are four spots 
available.  Any unreserved spots will be available first 
come, first serve onsite.
Please see below for more scenario and rules.

Hope to see you cooking at BATTLEMOOR!

The Abbey has been charged with hospitality to those 
pilgrims or soldiers on their way to and from the Holy 
Land. It is late summer, and although the abbey is poor, 
the cooks are able to provide sustenance for all who come 
by. Word has reached the abbey that a great and noble lord 
will be passing through with his entourage and soldiers on 
the way to the Holy Land.
Realizing that the nobleman could be a source of patronage 
and monies to the Abbey, the cooks conspire to make the 
best feast they can for the nobleman from their stores and 
the goods procured from the farm and woods. Hearing of the 
nobleman, some of the local farmers bring items for the 
cooks to use. The cooks work throughout the day, trusting 
to skill and resourcefulness to provide the nobleman the 
best meal they can, while still remaining within their 
meager stores.

Ingredients will be distributed in the morning at the A&S 
Pavilion, with judging occurring in the afternoon at the 
A&S Pavilion.  There will be ingredients available for 
four teams.  If you have not reserved a space, but want to 
compete, please check with Mistress Cailte to see if there 
are any last minute openings left.

Teams will consist of no more than three cooks and two 
scullery persons (scullery defined as runners, dishwashers 
and vegetable peelers).

Teams will pick up ingredients according to the 
distribution/judging schedule.


All dishes must be made out of distribution materials 
alone.  It is recommended you bring some kind of cooler or 
cool bag for transportation of materials. At least two 
people should come for the distribution.

Teams will bring their completed dishes to the judges at 
their appointed times.  There will be a table available to 
present dishes, and although no ambiance is required of 
contestants, each team will be responsible for plates and 
utensils for four judges.

The schedule will be staggered, to give the four teams 
equal cooking and judging time:
Team 1:   pickup - 8:30     judging 2:30
Team 2:   pickup - 9:00     judging 3:00
Team 3    pickup - 9:30     judging 3:30
Team 4:   pickup - 10:00    judging 4:00

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