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Harry Billings humble_archer at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 3 09:44:19 PDT 2010

Butter is made from fat the protien ends up in the whey.


> I cringe to mention it here but recently (2 or 3 months ago) there were a
> couple of articles in the NYT that discussed a NYC restaurant serving "mommy
> cheese" - cheese the owner had made with his wife's breast milk (and some
> cow milk because breast milk does not have enough protien in it). They
> claimed it was because their child could not consume all she was producing
> (my question to her - why not donate it to a milk bank???)
> I have a friend who wanted to try to make cheese from her breast milk for
> her daughter - not the general public. We never did but now that she's
> about to have #2 maybe we'll give it a try??!!
> The NYC health department said that there was nothing illegal about the
> restaurant making the cheese using human breast milk as long as the process
> met health code requirements. Still and all - I don't think I'd be ordering
> it off the menu!
> Shoshanna

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