[Sca-cooks] Cheese?

Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps dephelps at embarqmail.com
Thu Jun 3 10:02:08 PDT 2010

Was written:

>> I cringe to mention it here but recently (2 or 3 months ago) there were a
>> couple of articles in the NYT that discussed a NYC restaurant serving 
>> "mommy
>> cheese" - cheese the owner had made with his wife's breast milk

Hmmm... It is said that different breeds of cows produce different milks 
that and milk is affected by what the lactator has been eating.  What an 
interesting field of experimentation for the aging roués of this world.

"A sip of the green fairy mayhaps?   It goes so very well with the pate, my 

Daniel looking for the fabled rock. 

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