[Sca-cooks] Cheese?

Pixel, Goddess and Queen pixel at hundred-acre-wood.com
Thu Jun 3 10:33:14 PDT 2010

On Thu, 3 Jun 2010, Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps wrote:

> Was written:
>>> I cringe to mention it here but recently (2 or 3 months ago) there were a
>>> couple of articles in the NYT that discussed a NYC restaurant serving 
>>> "mommy
>>> cheese" - cheese the owner had made with his wife's breast milk
> Hmmm... It is said that different breeds of cows produce different milks that 
> and milk is affected by what the lactator has been eating.  What an 
> interesting field of experimentation for the aging rou?s of this world.
> "A sip of the green fairy mayhaps?   It goes so very well with the pate, my 
> dear."
> Daniel looking for the fabled rock.

I have a multiplicity of friends who have either just recently given birth 
or are scheduled to do so in the next few months. I am pretty sure that I 
could find one of them to experiment with what flavors end up in breast 
milk. It's a pity that the friend who decided to see if one could make 
butter from breast milk (you can, by the way--it's a bit sweeter than cow 
butter) isn't having any more children. I bet I could talk her into it.

Mar...er, Adamantius, running for the Rock

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