[Sca-cooks] The Heart of Dark Chocolate

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Sep 1 16:58:02 PDT 2010

The September 2010 issue of Outside magazine has an article in it titled
"Heart of Dark Chocolate" by Rowan Jacobsen.

He's chasing heritage cacao in Bolivia. They use the beans to make
"Bolivian rainforest - Cru Sauvage ("Wild Vintage"), 68% Criollo cocoa
The rare, organic wild beans are gathered via dugout canoe or on  
during treks of up to four days into the deep rainforest.
Notes of lemon and grapefruit, intense dried prune and vanilla,  
slightly bitter."
"Cru Sauvage
Deep in the rainforests of Bolivia, where centuries ago Spanish  
conquerors once hunted for gold, grows one of the rarest cacaos on  
earth: wild native cacao or "criollo cacao silvestre" in Spanish.  
Simply called "chocolate" by locals, it thrives in the dense wild  
forests of the lush Amazonian plains. Unlike most all other cacaos in  
the world, it isn't cultivated on plantations or estates."

His new book is American Terroir.


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