[Sca-cooks] apple fritters at Pennsic

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Fri Sep 3 20:12:57 PDT 2010

I tried Martino's fritters this evening. 3/4 lb apples, peeled, 
simmered about 20 minutes, then everything but the core mushed, 
combined with 1/4 c flour, T sugar,and some sourdough (I assume the 
yeast should be beer or wine sediment, which I don't have) and fried. 
Assuming that I ended up with 1/2 lb of apple mush, I was using a 
much lower ratio of flour and sugar to apple than Euriol did.

It came out too much like applesauce with a cooked crust for my 
taste--not as good as my usual Lente Frytoures. At the end I added 
more flour, which made it a bit better. The original has "a bit of 
sifted flour," which makes me reluctant to use Euriol's quantity, 
which works out to about half as much flour as apple sauce by 
weight-but I suspect it would have come out better if I had. I may 
try it again with much more flour.

>Here are my notes and recipe:
>Original Recipe:
>Maestro Martino: Libro de arte coquinaria (sec. XV).
>-- Based on: Arte della cucina. Libri di ricette, testi sopra lo scalco, i
>trinciante e i vini. Dal XIV al XIX secolo. A cura di Emilio Faccioli. Vol. 1.
>Milano 1966, 115-204.
>-- Digital version: Valeria Romanelli, 7/2004.
>[Altre frittelle di pomi.]
>Monda et netta le poma molto bene, et falle cocere allesso o
>sotto la brascia, et cavatene fora quello duro di mezo pistarale
>molto bene et inseme gli mettirai un poco de lievito et un poco
>di fiore di farina, et del zuccaro; et fa' le frittelle frigendole in
>bono olio.
>English Translation:
>The Art of Cooking, Martino of Como (Pg 94)
>Peel & clean the apples well and boil or cook under coals; remove 
>the hard part
>from their middles and crush well; and add a little yeast together 
>with a bit of
>sifted flour and some sugar; and prepare the fritters, frying them 
>in good oil.
>1 pound Apple sauce
>1 package Yeast
>1 1/2 cup Flour
>1/2 cup Sugar
>Oil for frying
>Combine apple sauce, yeast, flour & sugar until well mixed. Let rest for 10-30
>minutes in a warm spot. Deep fry in oil until dark golden brown.
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>>The first part of of the recipe I used for this dish described an applesauce
>>being made.
>Source? Period? Recipe?
>Our apples are coming ripe.
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