[Sca-cooks] How are our friends in New Zealand doing?

Antonia dama.antonia at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 14:55:10 PDT 2010

  On 5/09/2010 9:30 a.m., lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:
> This is excellent news! We get 5.something quakes with some frequency 
> up here (San Francisco Bay area) but not 40 in one day (whew!). And 
> your initial quake, i have heard, was even bigger than our Loma Prieta 
> quake (7.0 or so) in 1989.

Yup-- a 7.1. The aftershocks are dying down a bit now, though we had 
quite a sharp one just a few minutes ago.

> I know it can take a while to stop reacting to every vibration and 
> deep rumble (like a big truck going down the street). Do take care, 
> and all my best to you, your cat, and everyone.

Thank you for your kind words.  I think the main thing for me to deal 
with over the next few days will be boredom.  My workplace is closed 
'til the 13th due to various hazards.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

Habeo metrum - musicamque,
hominem meam. Expectat alium quid?
-Georgeus Gershwinus

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