[Sca-cooks] apple fritters at Pennsic

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Sat Sep 4 23:58:08 PDT 2010

>Cariadoc said:
><<< I tried Martino's fritters this evening. 3/4 lb apples, peeled,
>simmered about 20 minutes, then everything but the core mushed,
>combined with 1/4 c flour, T sugar, and some sourdough (I assume the
>yeast should be beer or wine sediment, which I don't have) and fried.
>Assuming that I ended up with 1/2 lb of apple mush, I was using a
>much lower ratio of flour and sugar to apple than Euriol did.  >>>
>Thanks for your input, but how much sugar? I'm afraid it didn't come 
>through on this end.

1 Tablespoon.

>Did you use a white sugar? Or a brownish/turbinado type? This is a 
>case where I think the latter might be preferred but no evidence for 
>this other than taste.


><<< It came out too much like applesauce with a cooked crust for my
>taste--not as good as my usual Lente Frytoures. At the end I added
>more flour, which made it a bit better. >>>
>So you think it should have less moisture? Or more crust/bread 
>compared to the fruit portion?

I'm comparing it to two things--Lente Frytoures, which are slices of 
apple in batter, and modern apple fritters, which are a pastry with 
pieces of apple in it. I expected a solider result.

>Looking though most of the apple fritters saved in the Florilegium 
>they seem to be done with apple chunks or slices and not with apple 
>mush or apple sauce. This is the only one that seems to be from 
>those. Hardly a comprehensive survey, though.
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