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On Sep 7, 2010, at 7:10 PM, wheezul at canby.com wrote:
<<< Is the point of contention both meat and vegetable matter together in the
pastry?  I'd find it really helpful to know what the period pasties  
were like :)

Katherine >>>

Period pies, either hand-pies/pasties/turnovers or regular multiple portion pies, having both a meat and vegetables have been a point of contention.

I think this really came up when we were discussing Cornish Pastries and it came to a surprise to many people that there appear to be few, if any, period recipes that combine meat and vegetables. There are a few which contain a root vegetable and a meat, but none with other vegetables. Similar surprise appeared when we talked about beef stews and similar dishes. Again, no vegetables. 

I believe the Cornish Pastry, which does have meat and vegetables, and sometimes a dessert, is post-period.

I'm fairly certain I saved the highlights of this discussion, but I can't remember for sure which file they ended up in. I think this one in the FOOD-MEATS section of the Florilegium:
meat-pies-msg (158K) 11/13/08 Period meat pies. Recipes.

Here are some other similar files. So far, I have not tried to divide things by regular pies and handpies because the same recipe can usually be easily adapted to make the other and, I believe, both styles are period.  Along similar lines, what is NOT period are the bread bowls made by hollowing out a round bread loaf and filling it with meat or stew. There are rastons, stuffed breads where the bread is pulled out, mixed with various things and then put back in the bread and baked again. But those aren't bread bowls.

fish-pies-msg (20K) 6/ 8/09 Period fish pies. Recipes.

fruit-pies-msg (68K) 10/10/08 Period fruit pies. Recipes. Baking pies.

pies-msg (193K) 5/25/10 Period pie crusts, meat and fruit pies.

Period-Pies-art (33K) 9/29/97 "Raising a Coffin or the Fine Art of Making Period Pies." by Lady Aoife Finn.

mincemeat-pie-msg (14K) 11/ 7/08 Period mincemeat pies. Recipes.

This one is another one that can easily be made as a tart or as a pie (with a top).
tarts-msg (108K) 6/22/08 Period small, open-topped, shallow pies.


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