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My original thoughts precisely.  I did look persimmons up online and found a site which stated that persimmons were not introduced to Europe until the 1830s, but now I cannot find that site.  Which is fine, because it might not have been accurate.  

In the Oxford Companion to Food, the article does not say when Europe first tasted persimmons, but there are quotes from Europeans who explored North America.  The first European to write about them was Don Fernando de Soto, in 1539, although his account is not given.  The second was Captain John Smith, who wrote, "if it be not ripe it will drawe a man's mouth awrie with much torment; but when it is ripe, it is as delicious as an Apricock."  

With the lack of hard evidence, I decided not to argue whether persimmons were period or not, but rather that they would not be ripe in time for the contest.


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> Huette commented:
> <<< This year's theme was to be persimmons, but I
> managed to talk them out of it because there are none on the
> market, since their season has not started yet.
> >>>
> I was about to exclaim something along the lines of "Who
> the #$$% would come up with *persimmons* as a surprise
> ingredient in such a contest! You probably can't even find a
> single period recipe, much less find some for food use! What
> a dumb idea!"
> But, maybe I just ought to check something before I open my
> mouth...
> persimmons-msg (15K) 11/27/09 Eating persimmons. Recipes.
> Where grown.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-FRUITS/persimmons-msg.html
> Chagrined.
> Stefan
> Hope I can send this before my backup power goes...
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