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My husband tells me of a restaurant in Phoebus, VA that had a pot of bean
soup that they claimed was 30 years old (back in the mid-seventies).  They
evidently took it off of the stove and refrigerated it each evening, then
reheated it and added to it the next day.  Jim says he think there was
probably a 30 year old ham bone down in the pot somewhere!  At least that
was their claim.  Not quite the same, but close!


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> As for 'pease porridge in the pot nine days old', I know of a technique
> still used today to prevent food spoilage - put a tight lid on the pot
> while
> it is still hot enough to kill the bacteria, and then let the fire die.  If
> the lid is tight enough, and the porridge was hot enough, no bacteria are
> there to spoil it.  Heat the pot back up the next day when adding more to
> it.  I've heard of 'stews' that were added to for many days this way
> without
> spoilage.
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