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Ian of Oertha asked:

<<< Anyone ever had it?  Grown it?  Does it grow easily?  Is it really
good? Encyclopedia says it was grown continuously in Europe from now back to
Roman times.... >>>

Do you really mean "rampion" or could you mean "ramp"?

root-veg-msg (111K) 6/12/10 Medieval and period root vegetables.

"Are they true leeks or ramps (Italian wild leeks, which look like really
anemic leeks)?

Ramps are a spring delicacy in NYC. They can be steamed or sauteed with a
little butter. If you sautee them, cut off the white bulbs and sautee them
first. When they are nearly done (starting to turn transparent), add the
leaves, cut up into 1 inch sections. Sauteed ramps are amazingly sweet."

onions-msg (74K) 3/23/10 Period onions. Scallions, shallots. recipes.

"Ramps more clearly resemble a small leek in structure with flattened leaves
instead of tubular ones. They do not resemble chives (perhaps garlic chives)
but are bigger than chives. They can grow to 12 inches high or more. Although
tasty they leave a foul odor on your breath and it exudes from your pores for
hours after eating them."

"ramp (ramp), n. Usu., ramps. a wild onion, Allium tricoccum, of the
amaryllis family, of E North America, having flat leaves and rounded
clusters of whitish flowers."

Using the search engine on the top page of the Florilegium for "ramp" will find you a number of other references. It doesn't find anything for "rampion".


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