[Sca-cooks] Old Marian's Pork

devra at aol.com devra at aol.com
Wed Sep 8 19:22:58 PDT 2010

So, what is your redaction for this recipe? I'm assuming Old Marian's recipe 
ill be out in her book about the two Pennsic eateries.  Is this dish based on a 
eriod recipe of some type? Or, like many of the early SCA dishes, was it a 
raditional recipe which just "seemed right"?
Replacing pine nuts with slivered almonds doesn't sound like a bad substitution 
nd it is probably cheaper, although they are probably much more available now 
han they were 20 years ago.

 I didn't redact it.  I just used her recipe and adjusted the spices a bit. I don't know if she had a source for it, or if it was one of the older "they had all these ingredients, and we know they made pies, so..."   It's sure good though.


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