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> I've been following this thread and it occurs to me that unscrupulous vendors would use cheap available vinegars and herbs to mask anything questionable.  Do I have any proof?  No.  I don't think they would have left a record of their misdeeds, but it makes a twisted kind of sense.
> Morgana

We do have lots of records of the things that were declared illegal as market practices, and the penalties for breaking these rules...

For instance, we know old meat was washed with fresh blood to improve its color; we know flour was adulterated, as was ground pepper, and bread dough was sometimes made with stuff added to it, and a portion of the customers' flour absconded with.

We know bakers would sometimes have an accomplice remove a handful of dough from the underside of a loaf, through a hole in the counter.

Now, if one had access to vinegar, why not simply pickle the meat while fresh?


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