[Sca-cooks] Marsh mallow, honey, butter

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Thu Sep 16 10:46:05 PDT 2010

And when doing the butter search I also came across this recipe or  

Against grauell or any other viscous matter ingendred in the reynes.
TAke of marshe Mallow rootes foure ounces, of Butter one ounce and a  
halfe, of hony thrée ounces, of raine water as much as sufficeth,  
braye the rootes, and putting euerye thing into a possenet, boyle them  
vntill the rootes be well sodden, and being taken from the fire,  
straine it through a linnen cloth, or searce, and cause the sicke  
person to drinke sixe ounces thereof fasting, let him vse this  
certaine dayes, and you shall sée a verie happie successe.

A verye excellent and profitable booke conteining sixe hundred foure  
score and odde experienced medicines apperteyning unto phisick and  
surgerie, long tyme practysed of the expert and Reuerend Mayster  
Alexis, which he termeth the fourth and finall booke of his  
secretes ... Translated out of Italian into Englishe by Richard  
Androse. 1569. (Or Alessio. Fourth volume 1569.)


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