[Sca-cooks] apple fritters at Pennsic

wheezul at canby.com wheezul at canby.com
Fri Sep 17 13:44:47 PDT 2010

While looking at the historical meaning of fritter in English, I'd
probably agree on that as an equivalent name.  Although the modern
connotation is somewhat different.  But I'm not sure that every recipe
specifies frying in fat, though most do.  I think I want to find all the
recipes I can and try a side by side spreadsheet comparison.  Can you say

I thought I saw a German recipe where one was instructed to swirl around
the batter in the pan, much like a crepe.  [Insert lack of concordance
frustrated ahhhhhhh!!!! and bemoaning of aging neurons here :D]

Thank you for the insight.  They ALL sound delicious!


UH OH, Krapfen,.....
> BUT the main thing in common all is FRIED SWIMMING  in Lard, oil or
> rendered
> butter fat
> I have not found an omlette or crepe in the german cookbooks I have yet,
> and
> the main difference would be the crepes/omlett type of things is not fried
> swimming in fat but normaly just with a little fat.

> I would say fritters are a good translation for Krapfen.
> Katharina

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