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Hrethric asked:
<<< Or horses.  Weren't horses occasionally eaten too? >>>

Yes, although most of the recipes I have for horse are from western Asia and not Europe. It may be that the nobility, which are the ones the books were written for, had more of a love for the horse as a symbol of chivalry that they wouldn't eat them. While the lower classes would find a way to make good use of that used-up plow-horse. When we've tried to discuss horsemeat on this list, it resulted in reactions very similar to those, that I would expect of the European nobles.  (ie: How could you!...)

horse-recipes-msg (34K) 10/16/04 Period horse recipes. References.

As I mentioned, I do have a European recipe for horse to add to this file when I find the time.
<<< But I'll admit to ignorance of how the butchering and/or sale of cows or
horses occurred, or if it even occurred much in period. >>>

Why not start smaller?
In the ANIMALS section of the Florilegium:
butchering-msg (56K) 1/ 9/08 Overview of butchering livestock and game.

butch-goat-art (16K) 7/14/98 "Butchering a Live Goat, for (and by) Beginners" by Charles McCathieNevile.

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