[Sca-cooks] food preservation in honey

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sat Sep 18 12:58:20 PDT 2010

>> <<< Another preservation method is to submerge meats in honey. >>>  >> I've 
>>heard of this before, but now I can't remember if I've ever seen any specific 
>>evidence for this being doing in our period of study. Especially for meat.   >> 
>>Can anyone think of specific directions or recipes to preserving items in honey, 
>>especially meats?
As for meat, there is this one in book I of Apicius (I,7 or I,8, according to 
the edition):

VII. Vt carnes sine sale quovis tempore recentes sint: carnes recentes quales 
volueris melle tegantur, sed vas pendeat, et, quando volueris, utere. hoc hieme 
melius fit, aestate paucis diebus durabit. et in carne cocta itidem facies.

I,20 ("Ficum recentem ...") is on preserving fruits in honey.

I hope there are english translations of Apicius out there in cyberspace.

Another place to look is the Menagier de Paris.



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