[Sca-cooks] crepes

Claire Clarke angharad at adam.com.au
Mon Sep 20 04:50:45 PDT 2010

Stefan wrote:

I don't think I've ever had a crepe before, although I've had pancakes. I
seem to remember IHOP serves crepes but I've not tried one of theirs,

You know I thought that was really wierd until I realised that we only
started eating American style pancakes this year when my husband decided he
wanted the blueberry pancakes he saw on a carton of buttermilk. When I grew
up in England pancakes were what you're probably calling crepes and crepes
were just fancy versions. We just ate them with sugar and lemon juice.

Now that you mention this "where one was instructed to swirl around the
batter", I remember that on a recent show Food Truck Challenge or some such,
one of the trucks specialized in crepes, and I remember seeing them pour the
batter on the griddle and swirl it around with some kind of utensil. Is that
a common thing/requirement in making crepes?

Nah. The batter should be runny enough that you can swirl it around in the
pan after you pour it in by gently tipping the pan. There's a little bit of
a knack to it. I guess if you don't have a crepe pan (or just a plain old
frying pan) you'd need a spreader. Ideally you should just have enough
butter/oil to coat the bottom of the pan, and enough batter to make a very
thin layer over the bottom of the pan. 


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